RealHive Centrifuge™ is our proprietary program to accelerate the flow of communication and design intelligence in businesses. Communication, speed and agility are at the heart of many business problems today – especially as product teams or businesses start to grow and scale. Centrifuge solves these challenges through an analysis of six key focus areas: Company, Product Development, Product Marketing, Sales, Customers, and Account Management (or Customer Success). Each of these areas is vital to a healthy, growing company and a pillar for marketing and sales teams.  By installing our processes, measurement structures for sales and marketing, and introducing technology, we help companies become more efficient and effective.


The leadership, the company culture, the employees that are hired all play a significant role in business success. When a founder or co-founding team get a great idea and build their first MVP, it’s exciting. It’s even more exciting to see that idea gain traction and start to become relevant in the marketplace. As companies grow it’s vital to consider the leadership structure, advisory roles, the strengths of a team and the culture of the future company the founders want to build. It’s easy to focus on the product and the vision but much harder to build a viable, sustainable business. Centrifuge brings structure and guidance to teams so they can focus on what matters to achieve the growth trajectory they need.

Product Development

Product Development is a critical role to any business. Whether you are based in services, developing a SaaS product, or a combination of both product and services, the continued development of your offerings is key to staying ahead and maintaining relevancy in the marketplace. Where many businesses struggle, however, is prioritizing and balancing the needs of the market, their best customers, the customers they want to attract in the future, their vision for where they think the market will go, and investor demands. The needs of those different groups almost always point in different directions. Centrifuge allows product teams to focus on what they do best, build products and services – while the other pillars provide the prioritization and connection to market and customer needs necessary to make those decisions.  Centrifuge allows businesses to fail at new ideas or priorities quickly to avoid expense, time and energy focused in the wrong direction.

Product Marketing

Successful product marketing requires a constant pulse on the marketplace, deep understanding of the competition, connection to customers and an end to end measurement structure to ensure everything that is produced is measured and tied to sales activities. Often most businesses do great at getting a website up and even producing content, but sometimes fall short on the speed and direct connection of insights to product roadmap and prioritization. Measurement is another key area of focus that is often difficult as everything that goes out from marketing – agnostic of the channel, must be measured and tied to revenue. Without measurement, how will you know what works and where to focus? Centrifuge solves these problems by helping teams understand how to derive the right measurements and accelerate their intelligence as fast as possible.


Our Centrifuge program is revenue focused, perhaps to a fault. Product alignment, marketing, customer success, etc. need to all be measured in terms of dollars and revenue potential.  Where Product Marketing is the fuel, Sales is the engine that keeps a business running. While other advisory groups and consultancies may preach the benefits of using email campaigns, targeted lists, marketing automation, etc., our program will analyze where you are today and what opportunities today will work best. Additionally, we don’t just talk and advise, we will orchestrate the installation of technology tools (CRM, Marketing Automation, Email, Team Communication, etc.) and facilitate the training. We have a customized technology solution to help keep your sales, marketing and leadership teams on task and up to date with the latest trends and tactics in sales.


Your customers should be at the heart of everything you do. From designing your products and services, to your marketing copy, to how you approach sales and branding. Good ideas are born every minute. Great ideas, profitable ideas, billion dollar ideas are validated and improved with customer involvement. Our program focuses on moving intelligence around and through each pillar to ensure customer involvement helps inform every aspect of your company.  Startups and small businesses are nothing without their customers and having the ability to quickly and effectively assess the market, develop new strategies and create new positioning are paramount.

Account Management

High performing account or customer success teams not only ensure all customers get value from the products and services provided, but they also serve as the canary in the coal mine for client retention. They serve as an integral, high-touch communication point for not only customers but for internal teams to understand product perception, competitive intelligence, customer needs, use cases, value propositions, etc. While product marketing helps push messages out, this team helps bring messages back in. The Centrifuge program elevates account teams from just billing and paperwork to an indispensable customer connection through training, measurement and accountability requirements that have proven success.